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My mom and I left the hotness of Florida and drove straight to Birgmingham where I could visit my long lost friend Marianne who I met in Yosemite National Park a few summers ago. We ate some delicious ribs at Dreamland and chatted about our Yosemite memories. Why is is that all of my favorite girlfriends are spread out all over the world?! I either need to stop traveling and meeting amazing people, or I need to keep travelling so I can see them all more often.

We spent the first night of our drive in Paducah, KY. It was raining and heinously windy so there was no climbing to be done in Southern Illinois. Good thing I brought my crashpad to Florida though, because it served as a nice bed.

On our second day of driving we drove straight to my sister's new house in wiconsin at Pine Lake. The house is HUGE! Who needs 4 showers in one house? The house is nestled about a 5 minute walk from the lake and surrounded by tall white pine trees. I will be visiting a lot.

Now I am currently in Appleton once again. I keep daydreaming about the mountains that await me in Colorado. Only one more month!

I talked to my non-stop traveling friend Layla who is now south of San Diego with her boyfriend Dave, and they ran into non other than my other long lost friend Vealchop. They spent a day surfing together and I am afraid they are going to leave the climbing bum life to become surfers. Thanks for the photos Dan.

Tatum was glad to see us home, but we won't be home for long. Off to Pine Lake we will go once again to bring Jamie and Nick some furniture and continue to help them unpack. Today I start registering for my classes at CSU. I have officially made it into the College of Natural Resources, Department of Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism. Woo HOo! Ahhh I can't wait to graduate.

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