appletini's and love

A cold front finally came through which makes sitting on the front porch of this swampy Florida home much more enjoyable, and less buggy. Speaking of bugs I found this ginourmous cockroach looking thing on the living room floor mixed in with Sam's toys, that the cat had dutifully pawed to death in the night...thank god. I put it in a left over plastic easter egg, snapped is securely shut, got the chills, and put it in the garbage.

Hangin' with the nephew is very tiring. Waking up at 7, well, sucks. Having Wiggles songs stuck in my head all day is kind of entertaining though. My brother's wife Abby, had her baby girl Hannah yesterday. How very exciting. They are exhausted and will come home from the hospital tomorrow. Sam pretty much doesn't like his new baby sister...i think he's a bit jealous. He wore a shirt to the hospital that once said, "I'm a Big Bro", however the first B came off at some point in the day and for the majority of the day it said, "I'm a ig Bro."

I have been running the past two mornings and I must say it is quite enjoyable. Early in the morning the temps are perfect and being at sea level is quite an advantage. I must burn off all of the sweet tea and grouper...also noting that everything down here is deep fried.

My big sissy is moving to a very special place called Pine Lake with her husband and her little baby Leah. I am excited to visit them next week. All of this baby stuff is getting overwhelming, but I am tuning into my motherly instincts, whereas before I thought that they might not exist at all. This is all a learning experience.

Oh how I miss writing about climbing.


andrew said...

congratulations auntie kelly! your blog titles are always so abstract and catchy. well enough with the pretenses my email address is andy.kolar@gmail.com
guess who sent cave traverse?
you guessed it.........not me
i actually havent been back since you were here but i am going back tomorrow so wish me luck. Keep it real and i hope you continue to develop your innate maternal instincts


Danielle said...

I'm so glad you're keeping this blog...it's cool to see what you're up to, even if you're not climbing :o) I'm running too! Only at 5000 ft.