ready to move on

I am surely enjoying all of this alone time, however, I am growing tired of myself. You can only be entertained by your own thoughts for so long. I am super psyched to road trip to Florida with my mom. She is hilarious in times of boredom.

Yesterday I went slacklining with Andy, Dan, and Chris. I love watching people try it for the first time...all shakey and nervous for the pain in the area between their legs that they would experience if they step wrong just a little. The falling is hilarious too. You never know which way the line will throw you and you are at its mercy. We also had beer involved which anyone would know is completely counter active to balance and concentration.

I have been having really off climbing days. Hopefully today as I tackle the cave traverse for my last time it will go well or at least be enjoyable. Last time we were up there we put up a line on the retaining wall titled by Andy Kolar as the Devolution of Man. It was nice if you needed a hold you could just pull out the maroon filler cement and create a jug for yourself...you just had to make sure you didn't knock chunks of cement down on your spotters. Oh it was glorious fun and tall too. To top out you had to bear hug around the edge and watch for cars.

I am off to say my goodbye's to dear friends and begin the packing.

Sorry Kris I will call you tonight, and Brian I MISS YOU!!!

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