This is the first easter of my 22 years of living that I haven't been to church. I do not have a church here in the cities due to either the heinous parking situations on sundays or the fact that I don't enjoy being slain in the spirit every sunday. Surprisingly due to the absence of the traditional church service I find myself reflecting and pondering this easter thing even more than I normally would.

Easter celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus. That morning, according to the Gospel of Luke, Mary Magdalene and some companions visited the cave where He was buried, but they found the tomb empty. An Angel of the Lord appeared and told them that Jesus had risen. In the following days, Jesus appeared to His disciples and explained the meaning of His death (for the sins of mankind) and His victory over death, which offered the promise of rebirth for those who believe in Him. The word Easter may come from Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon name of a Teutonic goddess of Spring and fertility, whose festival was celebrated at the vernal equinox.

I found this at dictionary.com. It is simple.

I am going to synagogue this wednesday with Donny just as a learning experience. I am excited.

Nic I am glad you are writing again.

I won't admit this to Jamie because I have to keep up my attitude, but I am actually excited to spend two weeks with Leah even if it is in Ireland and London. It will teach me a little something about my non-existent maternal intincts and patience I guess. I realized that I do have some maternal instincts when when I had to drop her off at day care and leave her in the arms of a stranger. It was so sad and her cute little face was saying don't leave me Auntie Kelly. Now I know how Jamie feels. I couldn't stand that. She is free of that place in just a few weeks though.

I am moving away from Minneapolis on Thursday of this week. Interesting.

I guess the cave traverse will not go down before I leave because I am leaving much sooner than expected. Darn it. I will have to come back and try it again someday.



Nick said...

I'm not sure if the Nic you refer to is me (since my name ends in "k"), but I am also glad that you have been blogging regularly. I really enjoy living vicariously through your writing and pretending that I know what a "V9" is.

I'm also glad that you enjoy being around Leah. It really means a lot to Jamie and I that you are a part of her life and that she will grow up looking to you as a role model in many ways. You and Jamie are very different, but I think Leah can learn unique things from both of you.

Don't worry about not having the maternal instincts yet. I don't think I have this whole dad thing figured out yet either. All you have to do is love them.

kellymcbride said...

oops...i have a friend here that goes by Nic. I like the K better.

Well i love her very much. I will try and be a good role model, and I hope that she likes being outside which i know is taken care of already.