iced mochas are delicious

I saw a huge fish!

The St. Croix River

I actually have to work today which is different from my normal schedule of events.

I want to start my own website. I think it could be more oraganized than this blogging thing.

I got a phone call from Layla last night. Oh how I miss her. She is in Bishop with Dave right now. She did a badass ascent of Cholos, V9.

I went to the gym this morning to try and train or something...but it is just no fun at all when you are all alone with the plastic. I sent the green and white taped route which means nothing to everyone but me. I just prefer the rock for my climbing desires. My eyes have been opened. I have been spoiled by the wonderful rock at Hueco.


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Green & white,

Danielle said...

I want to start a website too! We should investigate this together. I just set up a .mac account, which is suppose to allow me to do that. We'll see.
Nice job on the green and white!