no internet

The internet that I was theiving is no longer working which makes this blogging thing a little more difficult. Now instead of just getting coffee every morning I will have to bring my computer with me and use the internet. Good ole Dunn Bros.

I have been keeping myself busy in simple satisfying ways. I have been to the gym twice now and I will just say that I don't like the plastic very much. I have made it up to Taylors Falls twice now as well...working out the crux move of the cave traverse. I love this little addicting rock climb. It is right at my limit so I am totally psyched. Especially when Nic is there and he is more psyched for me than I am for myself. It's good. Good ole Nic. I will miss that boy. He pulled off Oxygen Cocktail, V9, yesterday. How very badass of him. Chris Craft is one move from the top and kept climbing into the dark until we were seriously wondering how he could see the holds. We then wandered over to Mike's Left, V7, and what a classic climb it is indeed. I would love to be able to do it. Chris can do it on command, and Nic displayed some rare rage that I usually only see in Brian. It was funny none the less.

My bike tires are staying true to me. My new goal is to take a different bike path every time I bike. Otherwise I become bored. The other day I biked from Brian's house in Saint Louis Park to downtown Minneapolis. I was exploring down around First Ave. when I realized that I didn't have my helmet on and I retreated back to the safety of the bike path. Downtown drivers are terrifying.

I have also been reading this really great book...well two actually. One is Angels and Demons that I listen to on tape every time I drive. I am hooked...it is getting really good. The other one is Trinity by Leon Uris and it is about Ireland. It is also getting really good. I suppose I should enjoy my time of reading for fun books before I am bogged down by full time school this fall.

My mom and I are headed for Florida a little earlier than expected because the baby is going to be forced to come out a little earlier than Tim and Abby expected. They are going to induce on the 26th of this month, which means we will be on our way down there on the 24th. Everything always works out for my mom in mysterious ways. She has a way of planning with faith. Lucky lady.

Well, I think I could type all day, but I am not sitting by an outlet and my computer is giving me the warning signs of its impending death of battery power.

I will be writing in my blog hopefully much more often now that I have realized this free internet morning coffee thing.


Jeanne said...

Glad you are writing again.

Tim and Abby said...

Love ya sis and look forward to seeing ya. I even found a place for you to climb while you are here.