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Brian and I one year ago!

Dan Freschel

Tony and Pearl

Brian has officially moved to Colorado. He started work yesterday and he is not to psyched about it. I think he likes his job, but he doesn't like working...who does? However, the view of Long's Peak from our bedroom porch with the trees budding their first leaves of the season, and the 70 degree weather is enough to keep anyone in a lighthearted mood. I am jealous.

Yesterday I biked around Lake of the Isles twice. It sure is beautiful, but there is something about the overpriced large houses that surround the entire lake that makes you feel cheap inside. I have mixed feelings about the Minneapolis skyline in the background. The buildings are really big and cool to look at, but I am ready to move on and away from the hustle bustle of the big city. I can't wait to ride with mountains in the back ground and less car exhaust up my nose.

I went to Nic's parents house for meatloaf last night. It was nice to be with a family and not alone for dinner. Dan Freschel came with me because we are both significant other-less. He just moved into a new house and he is waiting for his fiance to come with all of the furniture in a month. I offered him a crash pad to sleep on, but I guess he likes the floor.

I have taken up sport climbing at the gym. I like being on the wall for a long time. It feels good to get really pumped and get your heart rate up. My goal is to climb the entire ceiling and then down climb the other side.

I have started reading a book called Trinity by Leon Uris. My mom says it is good to read some historical fiction on Ireland before I get there because it will give me a better sense of connection to it. It is really big, and I am not sure I will finish it before we go.

I have to give a shout out, in loving memory of Jessica's dog Tony. He was a black lab who passed away two nights ago. Tony was a working dog that didn't miss any movement made by Jessica in the past 12 years. Jessica is in a wheel chair due to muscular dystrophy. He was constantly by her side, loving her and helping her in any way he could. He opened doors, fetched the t.v. remote, took her socks off, retreived the phone for her, went to school with her, walked under her when someone was lifting her for the first time, barked when Jessica needed help, and the list is endless. He will be missed. He was loyal and loved Jessica unconditionally.

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Sorry to hear about Tony :o(