antsy pants

Chris brushed...Andy chalked up

I can't wait to be on the road again taking photos and meeting new people. Unfortunately I have to take a month long hiatus from climbing and I don't know if I am mentally prepared to do this. To non-climbers this doesn't seem like a big deal, but when you become so deeply passionate about climbing just stopping for a month leaves you lost. I am going to be so weak when I get to Colorado. Perhaps my knuckle that has been swollen for the last year will go back to normal.

I am back in Wisconsin for today and then tomorrow I am off to Florida. Damn there being no rocks in Florida. Now I am listening to Jon Krakaur's, "Into Thin Air" on ipod. That should keep me entertained for the drive...at least a few hours of it. I have talked my mom into spending a day at Jackson Falls in Southern Illinois on the way back from Florida. Hopefully there won't be a monsoon the day I want to climb.

I suppose I should just accept that right now in my life I just can't climb. How has Brian gone for the past 5 years and never taken more than two days off?

Ok I am over it. I will stop complaining and just accept it. I am very lucky to be traveling.

I have so much time i find myself overthinking things like Brian over thinking the Bird Flu this winter when he had too much time on his hands. I will enjoy it while I can.

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