slave to bad weather

We left Hueco on a whim and here we are in Fort Collins in the snow and grey. We were ready to go but have quickly realized that the weather there is just about the best climbing conditions in the country right now.

Yesterday we drove around the Fort of fun and checked out the town and CSU. We did the beautiful drive up to Estes Park to learn that all of the splendid peaks were covered in clouds and snow was whisping about only to remind us of being in Minnesota. We checked out some tourist shops, and headed up to Lumpy Ridge. On the way up we saw Elk and Bighorn Sheep. What an amazing place to live. It's like heaven on earth...to me at least.
We hiked up to a boulder called Angry Man, and quickly realized we weren't at 5,000 feet anymore. Our hearts were pounding and telling us how out of shape we are after driving and sitting for two days.

So the snow continues to fall and the forecast keeps predicting bucket loads of rain for Southern Illinois. I am getting antsy. I long to climb on sandstone in the dirty south and so does Brian. Stupid weather! We are going to stay here I guess until the sun shines somewhere.

Tonight I am going to Boulder to spend the night with my long lost Jess, and Brian is hanging out with Colin.

I just want to be living out of the truck again and climbing on rocks. Is that to much to ask?

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Jeanne said...

We always want to be where we aren't.