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I finally made it to Juarez. Julio (owner of the coffe shop we sit at) took me, Reidun, Layla, Shannon, and Danielle to Mexico in his big truck. First we went to his office (he's an engineer) and then we drove to the Mercado Juarez. He quickly briefed us on "No gracias", and told us not to buy anything if we didn't want it. The second we pulled in we were surrounded by people trying to sell us stuff. We went into the market and started bargaining. I bought a bracelet and we all bought designer sunglasses for $5. We got Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vitton and proceded to wear them for the rest of the night. In the tequila store we got to "taste test" some different types of tequila. Basically we each took about three shots and then went to the restaurant for 1 dollar beers. Julio translated for us and it was a good old time. He really enjoyed being in Juarez with 5 young white women. We attracted a lot of attention.

That evening we met up with more people at a restaurant named Los Bandidos de Carlos & Mickey. The girls got their own table and the boys all sat together in the corner. The girls got a little wild and ordered a bunch of margaritas while the boys remained mellow in the corner (they were the drivers). I am surprised we didn't get kicked out of the restaurant, but they must be used to it because of the size of margartas they serve. They are huge! Reidun (from Norway) found a pen and went around to all of us girls and wrote on our wrist "Drekka Tid". Then she would say, "What time is it girls?!" and we would say back, "It's drinking time!" The boys had every right to be embarrased and annoyed with us but we had a splendid old time.

The next day we all went climbing to my surprise. Well, I layed on Danielle's crash pad with her and drank Gatorade for the first half of the day and then went and worked on Mopboys Traverse, V6. Brian sent Shutter Speed, V10. Yeah! He also did Mopboys and figured out all of the beta for me.

The next day we went into the park and got on a tour to East Spur Maze at the last minute. Brian sent El Chupacabra Right, V11, on his second try! We went to the egg and Angie fell off the last move a bunch. That sucks, however she is so strong on it she will go back and do it right away. We then went to Mr. Serious,V8, and Swiss Crisp Mix, V10. Angie sent Mr. Serious and Jamie sent Swiss Crisp Mix. Then Brian and Jamie went down to work on Rumble in the Jungle, V12. They worked out the moves and want to go back and send it. Then we proceded to Uncut Yogi, V6 which no one could do except Brian. After that we finished up the day with Belly of the Beast, V7. I had a bad day because I would work on something and then it would be time to go. We would get to something else, I would work on it and then we had to go. By the time we got to something that I was actually psyched on, my skin was gone and I was too tired to send. I hate tours for that reason. They are stupid because you cannot project anything and you have to go where everyone else is. I was aggitated, sunburned, and mad by the end of the day and I felt like I wasted a day. I got a work out though. That night we ate dinner and went to see Ultra Violet, because Mila Javovich is hot. It was such a terrible movie!!!! Way worse than Firewall. Don't see it.

We decided that Sunday would be our last day, and climbed our third day on. It was so HOT. I went up to Big Nose Millie and gave it one last try and failed. I met up with Brian and Dan at Power of Silence and we hiked up to do some number chasing on PFOS, V9, and Paleozoic, V9. Brian and Dan both did PFOS and I layed on my crash pad for a bit and then worked out the moves. That night we talked everyone into going out to eat for our last night to some bad Italian restaurant. In the middle of dinner everyone was telling us not to go and Brian made plans to go on a tour to Rumble in the Jungle on Tuesday with Dave, Jamie, and some other guys. Layla turned to me and said, "I guess you are not leaving."

So after some argueing about staying or going... we are still here. In the hot desert. Dave swears that the temps will drop. I don't believe it.

At least I have some girls to climb with even though I feel like death and can't even appreciate thoughts of climbing right now. I am so tired. I will take two rest days and go from there. We should end up in Colorado by the weekend, and eventually, hopefully, to Southern Illinois.
To the MN climbing posse: if I have anything to do with it, we will see you soon in So Ill!

miss you mom

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Jeanne said...

I miss you too, baby. My love to you.