big sends

Well, I finally sent Adjust Your Attitude! I am done underclinging for the rest of the trip and having epic top-outs. Brian did a problem called Predator, V10 (hard). He did it really quick which is bad-ass!
It has been so hot out the past two days. We all have low energy and we are all getting on each other's nerves. If this weather persists we will be out of here in a week or so. Off to Colorado for a few days and then to Southern Illinois with the MN posse for a week. That is our tentative plan.

Brian and Jim went over to the front side of North Mountain and worked on a problem called Shutter Speed, V10. Jim did it pretty quick, and Brian kept greasing off of the black sloper that was baking in the sun. He will get if if the temps ever go down. Vealchop sat around with his Rubik's cube all day and he was very entertained.

That night we went to El Rancho Escondido with everyone. I think that is the last time we will be going there because the service and food have become increasingly bad. It took us 25 minutes to get water and only because Dave went and got a waitress and brought her back to our table.
The food was just aweful too. I ordered a guacamole burro and opened it to find something that resembled steak. Layla took one bite of her beef taco and spit it out and Dave wouldn't even touch his food. Brian enjoyed his...but he has a strong stomach.

The next day Shannon, Angie and I warmed up in the Martini Cave by running laps on Baby Martini (which is now an on-going joke) and then we met up with Layla and Dave and hiked up to Adjust Your Attitude. I gave the girls my wonderful beta (which they don't use) and then worked on McBain, V8, for a little bit. The heat got so horrendous and we all entertained thoughts of going swimming. We then hiked over to Barefoot on Sacred Ground, V12, and hung out while Dave worked out all of the moves. Shannon and Laya both fired up See Spot Run, V6 highball.

Vealchop put a lot of work into this V4 called Pseudo-feather...it was pretty hilarious. Dave became frustrated on Barfoot and stood up and said, "I'm going to flash Dan's project!" He went over there and flashed it and in the middle of it he said, "This is piss." Dan said, "F%$# You Dave Graham!" Vealchop is always making everyone laugh and keeping us entertained.

We went to the coffee shop for dinner and once again on the way home I fell asleep in the truck. I feel exhausted always and can't get enough sleep somehow. I need 5 rest days or something.


Lynn said...

SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!! You're coming to meet us!!! I'm so flattered! We'll be leaving here sat. the 11th, and will be down there until the next saturday, I guess, maybe leaving the next sunday. Others are coming down later, after the 11th. I guess Nic will be there for a weekend or something. Yeah! Out of State Reunion!!! You guys can borrow my door when you get there!

Eric said...

Ooo... Who's this Shannon?? You should bring her back to MN... ;)

kellymcbride said...

shannon is 18 eric. she lives in Colorado. she crushes.