vodka red bull

The rock rodeo party at the ranch on saturday night was a lot of fun! There was a huge fire, a stage with a band, a barn with kegs, and tons of hilarious dancing and drunk people. I met Layla and Elise in front of the house and they were well on their way to having fun. Red bull set up a makeshift bar outside and they were giving away free drinks all night.

Notable events of the night include:
1) Elise and Layla arm wrestling this creepy dude from Arkansas and losing horribly
2) Danielle dancing with many guys and me pulling her away from many guys and stearing her towards the cute ones (Jason Kehl)
3) Layla and Dave realizing that they needed eachother to lean on for the simple activity of standing up
4) Getting cacti needles in our hands while peeing in the desert
5) Joel deciding it might be a good idea to lay down and sleep next to the bonfire
6) Jamie and Dan somehow got on stage with Dan on lead vocals and Jamie on guitar. They quickly realized that it didn't matter what it sounded like, everyone continued to dance with enthusiasm especially Matt Wilder the winner of the rock rodeo.
7) I bet Rob Rice (owner of the rock ranch) $1 to jump across the fire (15 ft wide and long) and putting all reason aside he walked across it and demanded his dollar which I didn't actually have because...who does that!?!?
8) The delicious pancake breakfast the next morning sponsored by climbing magazine
9) I wish I could count the number of times I heard this exact sentence the next morning, "I can't drink vodka or red bull for the next year!"
10) also, Brian went to bed at about 9:30 p.m.

The next day we went climbing and Brian sent the Governator, a very hard V10. I am so proud of him. I met up with Elise and Layla and we went to Adjust Your Attitude, V8 which I fell off the top out twice! I am an idiot. However, the next time I go there I will be able to do it because I have much confidence now. I had never linked it up before and I did it twice yesterday. Awesome. Layle also linked up the crux section and fell off the top out after giving me so much shit for it. Elise layed on her crashpad all day and did nothing but roll cigarettes and eat my wheat thins.

It was a good day.

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