life's little details

View of Rocky Mountain NP from Estes Park

Brian and I continue to enjoy Fort Collins and tend to life's important details.

Meanwhile our friends are enduring tornadoes and torrential down-pours in Southern Illinois.

The sun has finally allowed us to enjoy its warmth and beauty this morning, and it has revealed the beautiful panorama of foothills that stand to the west of Fort Collins.

I met with two advisors at CSU and the lady that takes care of transferring business. It all seems too easy. I received more attention in two hours than I ever have from any faculty at the UofM in the three years that I was there. There were no lines...no appointments...and sincere politeness and enouragement. The school is nice...not too big not too small with a back drop of the Rocky Mountains out of each window.

We climbed at the Spot climbing gym yesterday in downtown Boulder, and I don't think that I will ever desire to return. Too many people, and no steep stuff. I really appreciate VE now that I have seen other gyms. The 60 degree wall just doesn't compare.

I spent the past two evenings with my dear friend Jessica Fraher. She is living with her boyfriend Benjamin Mulligan in Westminster (suburbia hell), Colorado. They are wonderfully happy and spend most of their time together wrestling on the floor and farting on eachother. It's true love. He just received the exciting news that he will be working on the Pike Hot Shot crew for the summer. It's dream come true for him.

I cannot deny that I am excited to go home and spend time with my moms and the dog.

Apologies to the climbing friends that this blog gets personal when I have not been climbing. However, I hope that I can make it to Horsetooth Resevoir to climb John Gill's classic Eliminator problems tomorrow. According to Danielle it is the hardest V3 in the world and I am excited to climb on a rock with a lot of history.

Brian is currently job searching and new car searching somewhere in Fort Collins right now. It seems that he is a little over-qualified in irrigation to find anything good yet. We shall see.

Off to do my taxes and make some phone calls.

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