life is even slower at home

Sorry to all of my beloved blog reading fans (if there are any) that I haven't written in a while. My adventures have brought me to my wonderful little ranch house in Appleton, Wisconsin. It is darn cold here and there is not much to do. However, I have enough to do with taxes, financial aid, and transferring to keep me busy for days. I can feel my muscles shrinking as I sit here on my butt watching Grizzly Man and Harry Potter tres.
I love my puppy Tatum, she's 9, not so much a puppy anymore. She's been hanging out with me and we even ventured into the cold weather today for a walk around the neighborhood. As if life coudln't be any more simple than climbing, spending time at home is too easy with all of this food and showering and stuff. I went to a PRIDE performance tonight, only because my mom dragged me, and it brought back a flood of memories. There were songs and skits that promoted a drug free lifestyle. Ahh if only life were that simple.
Brian and I spent the last week in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our future home. Yes we are officially moving and we are both excited. He got a job at the very first place he walked into. He has mad skills. I am going to go to school at Colorado State University to study Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism with a concentration in Environmental Communication. More importantly we are going to climb on rocks! From our bedroom porch we can see Rocky Mountain National Park. It's like a dream come true for us.
Off to bed I go. It will be weird to have the whole bed to myself tonight because Brian is back in the cities getting ready for the move.

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