i like to ride my bicycle i like to ride my bike

This color is like a purple jelly bean.

Today my mom and I went to the bicycle shop to get new tires for my bike. The bike shop guy said the my tires were 10 to 15 years old. My dad gave me his old Trek 500 and I am psyched. We walked out of the bike shop with two new tires, two new tubes, a CO2 bike pump (sweet), fixing tools, handle bar tape, and a waterbottle. The bike guy got the best of us with his persuasion. My tires are goat head proof (Danielle)! I can't wait to ride in Colorado.

My nose is full of snot.


Jeanne said...

I can give you a box of kleenex honey. Then you can blow and blow.

Danielle said...

Your tires are HOT!

Eric said...

Hot bike tires?? Are you OK? ;P
I have to type "boopx" as the word verification in order to post this comment. Boopx, my peeps.