Day 10 and others in between

Today is a rest day.
My good friend Emmy has informed me that my "lingo" is somewhat hard to decipher. Apparently I am so immersed in the world of climbing that i do not even notice that everyone who reads this cannot understand what i am talking about. Sorry mom, Patti'O Furniture, and Mike.
Day 7
We went into the park early and warmed up on the warm up boulders. I actually took some pictures (Brian warming up). Then we seperated, Jim and Brian went to a climb called Power of Silence to work out the moves, while Eric, Adam (MN), Danielle (CO) and I went to the Mushroom boulder to attempt Mushroom Roof, V8. I worked out all of the moves far too many times and fell off of the top oh about 7 times. That is so frustrating. I was working on it with a girl from Germany named Lyla. She was so much fun and she kept falling off of the very end as well. It is so great to be able to climb with strong female climbers. Climbing with other women is very inspiring, and refreshing after traveling with just men for the past month. I climbed on Mushroom roof until my left hand fingertips were pink with pain and decided to call it quits on that problem. We packed up our stuff and hiked up North Mountain to meet up with the other boys at the Martini Cave where Jim was sussing out the moves on Esperanza, V14. Adam and I played on Baby Martini until my skin was to hurty to even open my water jug. Then we all hiked up the chains (I will take a picture of this soon so you all know what i am talking about) and went to this problem called Babyface.

Day 8
On Saturday I tried Mushroon Roof again but found no success because two days on in Hueco is really hard to do apparently. Your skin just sucks and you are so sore every morning. I think i just took it easy the rest of the day and followed people around and soaked up the Texas sun.

Day 9
Yesterday i took a painful rest day. We went into the park and i had to watch people climb all day while i sat on rocks and read Harry Potter. Not only was it hard to watch people climb while i couldn't, but i have the attention span of a gnat, and i got butt cheek chaffe from sitting on rock all day. I finished Harry Potter though and now I am on to the second one (a special shout out to Emmy for making me bring them with me). H Pot is awesome! I also sat in the sun and found songs on my Ipod that I never knew i had (thanks to Don!) Brian worked out the moves to Right Martini, V12, which i actually took pictures of. It is such a beautiful climb. The moves are so unique. Brian is super excited about it and he will get it with some work. It is really long and sustained. I wish i could climb that hard because it is such an amazing classic problem.
After my depressing day of not climbing, i was quick to drink some Little Penguin merlot as I ate my usual pasta dinner with desert sand in it. The wind whipped through our conversation about what everyone did that day as the sun sank behind the mountains in Juarez, creating a beautiful polluted orange sunset. I really love desert life. I am so happy.
The evening ended with an extremely intense game of foozeball with a 14 year old boy from Colorado and guy from Germany and Danielly and i. Jim and I fell into a relaxed stupor of watching Coneheads in the barn on Brian's laptop. The stench of the dead mouse somewhere in the couch we were sitting on kept us awake enough to struggle back to our vehicles we call home through the strongest wind i have ever felt. When i spit after brushing my teeth I swear it flew 15ft.

As much time as we have here it takes a lot of time to warm up to the area, build up good skin, and work out the moves to your projects. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day of cleaning up my projects that i have put so much time into. I will get some pictures of myself climbing i hope(sorry Mom).

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