Hueco Pictures

Erik and I taking a rest day
El Paso Sunset
Brian Camp on Baby Face,V7
View from the top of North Mountain


elnoras2 said...

Kelly, I'm gald to hear that you're brushing your teeth.

elnoras2 said...

Oh, I forgot to add that I really enjoyed the pictures. Did you know that you have a wire stuck in your ear? My favorate picture is the one of that boy clinging to that rock for his life. Did he survive? I also like the picture of the moonscape. Did you find that on the web? I'm sorry to hear that you are having so many problems. It sounds as if you trip is one problem after another. V1 to you to, Rockytop.

Jeanne said...

Dan, I challenge you to a V8. I have a bottle in my frig.

That brian boy clinging to the rock has to bring rockytop home, so I hope he made it.

kellymcbride said...

I took all of the pictures myself. I know I have multiple talents. Rockytop?

Lynn said...

You suckas are hella lucky to be out there. It turned into winter up here. Damn. V8 Kelly? Sickly!! I'm so proud of you! And jealous, very jealous. Like "I might start stalking you" jealous. How do you know the noises in the night aren't me? I'm saying "Keeeelllyyy! Keeelllly! I'm not going to Boooulder Graaaasss! Sooo dooon't look foor me thereeee!" Have fun! Lynn

Lynn said...
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