Adventures in Hueco

Vealchop Warming up
Elise on Adjust Your Attitude, V8

Since Eric got 28 views on flickr, here he is again

Panorama from Mopboys, North Mtn

Elise on Better Eat Your Wheaties, V8. HOT!

Feb. 14
We got a late start because we had a delicious greasy breakfast at Denny's in El Paso and then got into the park right before they were going to give our reservations away at noon. Brian and I hiked up the chains to NHGOA and warmed up a bit and baked in the sun. We met up with Joel and Rich and headed over to the south side of North Mountain to the Governator and the Predator. Joel and Brian attempted both but found no luck. Rich (from Canada, Squamish area) was taking an easy day because he drank too much in Juarez the day before. He worked on Mcbain, V8, with me and we found it to be impossilbe (later we found out about a magical toe-heel cam). We sweated over to Adjust Your Attitude, V8, which is SO much fun. The moves are amazing. You get a double toe hook and then go up to an undercling which is so powerful to get out of. Brian sent it of course. The boys went to work on a problem called Dope Fiend, V9, and I went down to the truck for reinforcement of liquids and layed on Danielle's crash pad in the parking lot where we talked about girly stuff until the sun went behind the mountain and the boys came hiking down the mountain.

Yesterday was full of adventure and laughter. The morning was filled with tense feelings from everyone for no apparent reason and we decided to split up and do our own things. Brian, Eric and Jim went to do Stanage on Holiday, V8. Nic and I hiked up the chains to try Baby Face, V7. I don't think I will ever be able to do that problem. It is so frickin hard for me. Nic wasn't having much luck either. We called it quits pretty quick and went over to check out Dope Fiend, V9, which Nic did in less than an hour. I worked out all of the moves, i guess it is pretty easy for a 9.
The dopest Norwegian in the world, Raiden, came walking up the hill to do See Spot Run, V6 (20 ft. tall). I worked it with her and on my first attempt I bailed from 3/4 of the way up. I was scared. She tried it a few times, then I got back on it and did it on my second try. It was SO AWESOME! Oh I enjoyed it so much. Then Raiden did it on her next try as well!
I walked back over by Nic to see him dropping off of the end of Fern Roof, V10. He was psyched. I asked him why he just dropped off the end instead of topping it out, and he said that was the way you are suppose to do it. To make a long story short it turned into an epic battle of climbing rules and Nic will be hiking up the mountain tomorrow to redo it and top it out. He lost the battle. So much for being true to thine self.
Nic and I hiked down to the Martini Cave to find Brian and Eric. Eric was working on Man With an Iron on His Hip, V7. Oh he came so close! Brian flashed Dirty Martini, V9, and also did Man With an Iron on His Hip, as well as Stanage on Holiday, V8. Jim did Baby Martini, V6, for his first time, and with style I might add. We also got to watch Matt Wilder's first success at Right Martini,V12. It was so cool to see someone put it together in real life. He then waited a half hour and did Left Martini, V10. Dude is strong.
Brian decided to hike up the chains to clean up Stegasuar so we all followed him. Vealchop, who provided me with hours of non-stop laughing yesterday lured me into an epic adventure of slot climbing. Slot climbing occurs when you squirm through small holes underneath rocks. It was the most fun I have had yet. It started out with us crawling through the Stegasaur cave to find the Gymnasium area. Then he decided to run around and find even smaller and longer slots to squeeze through. We found some crazy rooms and corridors. Then we went head first into this tiny slot and found the ulitimate slot of all slots. We rated it S6 hands first, S9 feet first, and it is now called the Vealchop Slot because he got the first squirm through it both hands and feet first. I always made him go first, because I figured if he could fit then I could for sure fit. He got so excited when we saw another slot that by the time I caught up to him his body was already half way through it and he was making jokes about being stuck and getting his hand stuck in a cactus. Oh Vealchop.... we bonded in a special slot climbing way.
Once again I hiked down the mountain early because I ran out of water (my big water jug got kicked off of a 15 ft. drop and cracked in half). Vealchop and Nic went in search of more slots like excited 2nd graders. That night we went to El Rancho Escondido because we were all so hungry and didn't want to cook. I am convinced that the margaritas that they serve there are twice as strong and half the price as drinks in Minneapolis.
Today at the coffee shop we officially befriended the employees and they are going to give us a personal tour of the mercado in Juarez on Monday. I am super psyched.
Eric leaves today :( He will be missed.


Neil said...

Oh man...I'm sickly jealous...

Lynn said...

Slots, eh? I wonder if there's anything fruedian about guys climbing into little slots? Mommy? Still very, very jealous. It's going to be a high of -1 degrees today. So you can all go to hell. But I'm sure there'd be good climbing in hell too. Damn. Keep having fun! I'm loving it vicariously! Lynn