What day is it?

Lately I seem to forget what day it is. That is a good thing I think. It is better than longing for Friday and dreading Monday.
Yesterday Brian sent a V10 called Fern Roof. He was happy. We walked all the way to the south side of North Mountain, got sunburned, and worked on this V8 called Adjust Your Attitude. The name was very relevant for the time we were working on it. Climbing is associated with a lot of frustration. However, you have those days where you look at the bigger picture and just enjoy climbing for climbing. I guess this sounds weird if you are not a climber.
The weather continues to be sunny and beautiful, and last night the full moon lit up the desert sand and made everything glow.
We officially know all of the employees at the coffee shop we sit at on our rest days. They are starting to give us extra meat and veggies in our sandwiches because they know that we are stingy and hungry. Ahhhh life is good.
Jim is working on this V14 called El Teco de los tres B's....or something like that. It looks really cool. Nic is close on Choir boys, and the MVP of the trip thus far is Adam for his ascent of See Spot Run, V6. It is about 20 feet tall and scary. Erik mastered Sign of the Cross and Vealchop continues to throw himself at Power of Silence. We all have our projects and all continue to support eachother as we each climb at completley different levels. That is the neat thing about climbing. No matter what your body type or strength, climbing is a different experience for everyone. Sometimes you are inspired and sometimes you are not. That is the fun in it. Sometimes you do something on your first try and sometimes you spend a month on something.

Ahhh the philosophy of climbing.


Lynn said...

I'll tell you what day it is! It's a frickin' Tuesday in MN! I'm going to post comments, cuz no body seems to be doing it. And I just want you guys to remember what you have to come home to! 15 Degrees! Send hard! I'll give you more crap tomorrow! Love Lynn

kellymcbride said...

i love the comments!! keep leaving them. I hear it is suppose to be 15 below in MN. Eric is flying home today...so sad.