El Paso with Juarez in the distance
Jim Merli flashing King Cobra

Brian on his rest day!

Nic almost kicking Layla on King Cobra

We woke up in the middle of the night last night to about a 20 degree temperature drop and 100mph winds. The truck was literally rocking. Nic's tent (actually Chris Craft's tent) by some miracle did not blow over. With a morning wind chill of 37 degrees it was really hard to get motivated. We all went to the warm up boulders where I found my girl climbing friends Layla and Elise. Nic went off and sent Choir Boys on his second try of the day! I warmed up with the girls while Brian took a rest day, and froze his butt off all day.
Elise, Layla and I decided to go to Dirty Martini, V9, and we couldn't even do the first move. We then hiked down to Chris' arete, V8. Elise fell off of the topout on her first try and Layla sent it on her second try and said she was going to downrate it. I struggled because my whole body is still sooo sore from friggen slot climbing. I fell off the topout a few times and gave up. My hands were numb because of the cold. We went and looked at Free Willy, V10, which the girls wanted to try but it wasn't in the sun so we gave up and attempted Bloody Flapper, V4. None of us could do it once a again so we continued to talk shit to eachother and laugh the entire day away. All we needed was a trashy magazine and a space heater and we would have been set. Layla talked us into walking up the chains to attempt King Cobra, V6. Once again none of us could do the first move and Jim flashed it. We blamed it on our abs being sore from laughing so much.
It was one of the most enjoyable days thus far because the company was unbelievable. It is great that three girls from around the world can come together and bond while climbing on rocks.
Nic also sent Fern Roof, V10...finally, and he also did King Cobra. It was a good clean up day for Nic. We lost Vealchop to cooler people because Chuck, Andy, and Justin showed up today.
Camping in the cold is never fun. At least I have my wonderful warm boyfriend to cuddle up in the topper with!
p.s. don't see the movie Firewall. I want those two hours of my life back.

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