Climbin' and Tree Bitin'

 I went to Guanella Pass! It was fun. I topped out 5 boulders for the first time in forever. Steph and Jeff climbed moderates with me all day and it was wonderful. I haven't been blogging because well..I'm pregnant. 23 weeks and it's a girl! Being pregnant makes climbing a little tricky, but still doable. I felt pretty much seasick and awful all summer so I didn't do much. That is out of the way, I am growing life, doing prenatal yoga, and increasing my mad top-roping skills. It's been an adventure. I took all of these photos with a wide angle lens, I figured they would be more interesting this way...
 Here is a wide angle distorted selfie photo of my 5 month bump under my Organic hoody. 
 All dog photos should always be taken with a wide angle lens

That's about all for now. I will try and keep blogging but I can't make promises. The fall season is upon us and conditions are getting wonderful! 

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