magical super moon safari

The moooon came out...
Then the lightning struck
photo by jeff sillcox
all at the same time
photo by jeff sillcox
Before the moon and the lightning, we went on a magical adventure safari to see the land around Sugarloaf Mountain. We ventured down to the river that feeds Boulder Falls in Dream Canyon, and spotted wildlife whilst riding atop the forerunner. The Lumineers drifted from the car windows as we enjoyed this beautiful Saturday evening. 
Jumping Yuki
quite a nice twig
Kyle turned up an old fireplace
There was much conversation about the fireplace
everyone had to take a turn
safari crew at the top of dream canyon
then there was a camel...there is no explanation
We found the last bit o' sun of the day, and Steph discovered how sticky her shoes really are
We watched the sunset with Long's Peak in the background
and at the very same time, on the other side of sugarloaf, the SUPER MOON rose!
Here we sat in awe as the mooon filled the sky. we may have howled at it. 
that was our magical super moon safari day

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