In preparation for our road trip to Bishop I created homemade bars. They are kind of like Lara Bars but probably better..I don't know, I have never eaten a Lara Bar. Mine are delicious. 
 I also made bread. The wine was just icing on the cake.

On our first day in Bishop we did a bit of a warm up tour. To get his head in the game, Jeff climbed Southwest Arete. 
I climbed it as well.

Since it was a bit chilly in the shade, I ventured a warm up on The Birthing Experience. I think it might be one of the best problems in the Buttermilks. It took me at least 10 tries. I landed on my face a few times. Here is Matt trying to be reborn. 
Here I am experiencing rebirthing as well.
 Steph took a different approach and decided to hang off of her thumb!

Next we went to The Hunk. A must do. I threatened to post the photos of Steph down climbing, but instead I will post them in the order of up climbing, which she did do after her initial fear faded. It takes a bit of climbing in Bishop to get used to the height of the boulders and the necessity of feet. 
 I think I sense some hesitancy in this photo. 
 Up she goes!
 I was cold so I climbed it in my puffy. When I started sweating, I regretted this decision. 
 I knew Steph climbed for the dark side...she has the white hand of Saruman on her pants. 

Jeff was playing seal on the boulder

so happy

Here is Ellen climbing The Hunk
 In the middle of her climb I thought the dog looked really cute

 Good Job Ellen!

Next on the warm up circuit is Matthew Birch climbing Soulslinger for the 754th time without falling...ever. Maybe it's more like 10, but who's counting. 
 "Hey look! I did it again!"

At the end of the day we headed over to Fly Boy. What a fantastic boulder. I always wanted to climb this thing, but never got around to it. I did Fly Boy Sit, and boy was the top committing. Here is Steph getting oh so close to finishing it. 

 Then she got something in her eye that I diagnosed as "plant life"
Here is a close up in case you need to see it better..

This is Brian. He is awesome.

There was a crow on this boulder making squawking sounds

This is Steph in my hobbit hat

This is when Jeff gave me blue steele for the camera

Oh, here is Steph again on Fly Boy Sit. 
 Brian on Fly Boy

That about sums up the day. More to come...

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