panoramas, rainbows, and a climbing video!


On our hike out of Lincoln Lake I wild crafted this nice bouquet. It is probably illegal to pick Columbines but we hit the Columbine jackpot so I didn't feel too bad. I love the flowers that pop up all over the alpine tundra. 

Echo Lake

Here we have two very dirty and wet dogs. After convincing them that they won't die if they ride in the back of the 4runner Kona decided to sit on Abby. They sat there like this for about 10 minutes watching the world go by. Eventually the one on the left relaxed her front legs and they fell asleep like this. So much entertainment is had from these two furry creatures. 

Jeff ordered this Balsamic off of wine woot and it is delicious. Last night we had tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, olive oil and this tasty balsamic along with some gin and tonics. Oooe.

another rainbow shot

Here is a video from this spring of Jeff climbing Replacement Killers in Boulder Canyon. 

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