magical things

Ahhh Lincoln Lake how I have missed thee. In between a lab at school and having to be at the hospital early the next morning, I ran up to Lincoln Lake to climb for an extremely short amount of time. I love love love it up there. There are no photos of climbing on this blog so you can stop reading it now JJ. Just some quick photos off of my phone.

This is a magical unicorn that lives up in Bailey
And these are the magical chickens that my friend Jess owns...Big Mama, Margaret and Dorothy.

This is her super magical dog

This is Eric desiring to eat Kona

This is my nephew (he fell in the lake so I had to put my shirt on him)

This is what friends are for


Myles O'Reilly said...

Wow, youre blog/life looks so stunning! :)

kellymcbride said...

Myles O'Reilly!

You looked at my blog! Wow! YOUR life looks stunning!!