Things I Saw Today

Today I spent some time watching these eagles in Iowa. 

I also watched the weather.
This is a picture of my shower curtain. It has been edited by me to depict what is currently happening across the US. I have two weeks off of school and my plan was to spend it in the Red River Gorge in Kentucky sport climbing. Apparently it is not the best time to travel to Kentucky, so my thoughts headed west. In looking at road conditions it appears that the mountains just west of Denver are getting hammered with snow making driving conditions suck. I am shown in red. I just want to get to the sunshine part of the country. Jeff and I both have colds so I guess it isn't the end of the world, but still. I just want to rock climb a little. 

So instead of actually climbing, Jeff and I have taken to wearing our climbing shoes around the house, just to feel like we are doing something useful. 

As far as super useful things go, we did test out this bottle of wine on our dreary Easter day. 

Kona and I went for a walk in the rain. She swam in the narsty river for a bit and then came back home for a game of duck. 

That's about all I saw today. 

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Steve Schultz said...

I think we have the same shower curtain kelly.