goings on

wait for it...
wait for it...
SUCCESS! mini doggy booties.

little dog in a big world
they keep each other warm

and...back in the car before she gets eaten by a hawk
Shortly after Christmas, which was a long time ago, Jeff and I headed to Bishop for a few days. It snowed and was quite cold, but we got one good day out at the Buttermilks. We met up with Alex and Fritz and had a fantastic time climbing up and down the the sunshine slab because the back of the boulder was an icy mess.
Alex remained in Bishop and will be there for pretty much the entire season. She has had much success! Mandala, Stained Glass and lots of other stuff...I can't keep up. GO ALEX.  

In other not nearly as exciting news, I finally did Soul Slinger! All I had to do was pull my head out of my ass! It was fantastic. Thank you Matt Birch for the photos!!!

Fast forwarding a month later to today which is the first time I have climbed on rock since Bishop. Steph, Jeff and I headed up to Clear Creek to try some boulders in the sun. Jeff warmed up on Mavericks 14 times and Steph and I did it for the first time. What a fantastic climb!! It is soooo good!! The last move is perfectly scary enough to make you thankful for the incut crimp on the top, but not quite scary enough to stop me from climbing it 4 times in a row. Steph climbed to the last move easily, but had a moment of insecurity when she had a flashback of falling off the top and breaking her ankle a few years ago. We talked her into getting back on it and she sent!!! What a good thing to do after having such a terrible fall. I think highballs are in your future Steph. The most important part of all of this is that we both climbed it before Jamie. Yes indeed.
Jeff also did Animal today! He climbed it with the original beta that was used while the rock was still there.
going for it!

Steph thinking...whoa, that was scary

so goooood

 In other news I started nursing school 3 weeks ago. A 12 month accelerated BSN here in Denver. Last week we did IV's and this poor guy has two IV's started in the same hand. Sucks for him because I am not very good yet which is obvious by all of the fake blood around his hand that happened to spurt out of his sad rubbery veins. My teacher said the fake hands have a lot more pressure than real hands, and I certainly hope so. I never knew starting an IV could be such a bloody process. I am not thaaat bad really. The first hand I stuck was out of blood and that was a sad sad day. Anyway, I hope I can get out climbing being so busy and all. cripes.


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