the Schwinn Jenny

Oh man. today was the ultimate craigslist score. I have had my eye on the 2010 Schwinn Jenny for awhile now, yet it is impossible to find one. Apparently they are sold out throughout the country. Today was my lucky day. Someone on capitol hill decided to sell their 2009 Jenny and YAY I have a new bikecycle. I want to ride my bicycle i want to ride my bike...BICYCLE.
It is a great mix between a cruiser and a commuter, although it is mostly a cruiser. It has 7 speeds and smaller tires than the classic cruiser....and most importantly a bell.
I had a lot of fun photographing my new bike
mmmm delicious yellow bike

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Kelsey said...

Cool! Someone just stole my Schwinn Gateway (right west of Lincoln Park on East Capitol Street, while I was gone for an hour!) so I've been on the lookout for a replacement. The Jenny is great! I like the yellow a lot more than the 2011 blue one. I also have been considering the Schwinn Cream.