lincoln lake

You start at 12,500 ft. and end at 11,700 ft. in less than half a mile which equals StEEp.

Shadow people trying Jamie's new problem Red Herring, V6ish

Nate warming up on Unshackled Sit

Jeff using Nate's double toe hook method which creates a fun and dynamic swing once your left hand is on the lip and you take your right hand off to match.

The toe hook lock off
The awesome top out
Above: Kona resting after a few burns on Unshackled and some spelunking through the talus 
Below: I did all of the moves on Unshackled and I am very excited to go back and piece it together

The Idiot....which is me because I can't do this problem

Talus heaven...or hell depending on whether or not you like hiking in it

Dave trying the static version of Brion's Purple is Not a Color

Brian Capps coming soo close. Unfortunately everyone kept swinging into the rock and dirt on the right side ending up in a sitting position.
The send

Jamie topping out Sparrowhawk, V9

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