Lincoln Log and Leprechauns

Yesterday was a Lincoln Lake day. Jeff, Drew and I tucked and rolled down the hill and ended up warming up near and on Chalk on Rock. It is a great line but the rock is reminiscent of Vedauwoo. Not so good for warming up. I don't know why there is a photo me on this. I spent two seconds on it but Steph sent it quickly!
Nick playing around on a boulder I don't know the name of

Ben on the end of Chalk on Rock, V8?
After this I tried Unshackled and after some reverse progress, frustration, and complaining I figured out some beta to make things easier only to run out of skin and complain about that a lot too. Then Angie showed up and I forced my beta on her and she flashed that shit so fast! So awesome. 

Then it rained a little and I only had a small panic attack because the thunder seemed to be down canyon. I like to blame these things on Jamie Emerson. All of my most terrible weather experiences occur when Jamie is present and he says, "Ahhh it's fine"... then two minutes later he is packing up his shit and bailing, leaving Angie and I stranded with heart attacks in the talus with lightning striking down like the fury of God. 

Then something amazing happened. Through the hail, after Jamie bailed to another boulder, a double rainbow formed and the leprechauns came out.
Sarah and I didn't see the leprechaun at this point because he was waaay up on the hill and he is only like 10 inches tall. Kona was sniffing him out all day trying to find his stash o' gold, but she was a huge failure and just drank the fresh rain water out of puddles on the rock. useless. 
This may seem like I am taking in the beauty but I am just catching my breath because I can't hike and breathe at the same time up there.

all photos taken by Jeff Sillcox... edited and drawn on by me without his permission


smarvez said...

Kelly- Mental visualization of all unshackled crimps as comfy pusher screw-on jugs = beta ftw. We must go back and crush!!!

kellymcbride said...

hell yes! for the first time in my life I helped someone climb something! awesome. i am not completely oblivious! Monday? sending?

smarvez said...

I can do Monday! Sending will happen.