Angie Payne Flashes Unshackled V10

Today I excitedly watched Angie flash Unshackled, after something that you can't even call a warm-up. I guess is still being debated as V9 or V10. If I were Angie I would say V10 but I think she might think it is a 9. But you know Ange, she doesn't really say....she is just badass. Needless to say Flann, Steph, Sarah and I have to get our asses in gear and do this thing before f'ing Puccio comes and flashes it in our faces once again. GOOD WORK ANGE.

p.s. HA Jamie...I win


Anonymous said...

Kelly, what time did your post go up. I believe the DBC website might have reported this first. MUhahaha.

It was thanks to your insight however!


kellymcbride said...

A. The DBC has a website?
B. You slimy bastard
C. I beat you by 37 minutes


kellymcbride said...

ok fine i linked the dbc website, but only because of my uncontrollable urges to clean it