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One of my best friends, Emmy, got married last weekend at Epic, a night club in downtown Minneapolis. I was a bridesmaid and it was loads of fun. I miss Minneapolis...sometimes. It rained the entire week and I even saw lightning followed by a loud boom of thunder...in March! Nic's girlfriend Molly let us crash on her floor (THANK YOU!!!) and we got to climb in the gym a bit, the place where it all started for me. It was great to see friends and catch up.

Then we spent an exhausted day in Soho in New York, lopping on the furniture and repacking for London.
London! It rained in London the entire three days we were there. We took a double decker bus tour, a river cruise up the Thames, and navigated the underground in search of fish and chips and good beer. 

Fontainebleau!!!!! (Brian, get on an airplane and come climbing)

absolutely amazing rock
Talia and I chatted with the boulder shop guy about the difference between pof and chalk and I won't really get into it; however, it was educational. I also got to practice my french!! Excusez-moi, Je ne parle pas Francais. NEcessary in all situations!
Our home for the next 4 weeks


Anonymous said...

That was my line McBride!

Crafty said...

Man that looks amazing...

Did you find good fish and chips?

HetchHetchy said...

oh amazing-ness!