i can't say i mind you dancing...it's quite impressive in those shoes

digging in the archives...i found this photo and I thought that everyone should hear the story about how Blake dove into Lake Haiyaha to cool down and found a rock inches below the surface to stand on.
i miss the park, i can't wait for park season
soon soon soon
i caught olson at a great moment

I felt like a 1950's housewife today when I vacuumed my house in heels. They felt lonely in my closet because it is too cold to wear them outside, so I took them for a test drive around the house. 
i really wanted to use some of the valentine's day editing options on picnik...hence the hearts
I will leave you with some lyrics from Lucero's 1372

Overton Park...
Drinking women, chasing whiskey
Like there's nothing left to lose
Now if she'd only kiss me
I'd be a little less confused


wade david said...

I like the fishieeees

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