HI! It's been awhile. I do not have any good excuses except the one that involves me dropping my external hard drive and losing photos from the last 5 years of my life forever. As I start anew, I begin with photos from a wonderful day at Mt. Evans this past Saturday.

Flannery made a stylish ascent of Bierstadt, V10 at Mt. Evans. This is Flan's second V10 after Center Route at Morrison. It took three girls, Steph, Flan and I, to come up with crazy beta that worked for us...it involves a judo kick to a matching toe hook that turns into a ridiculously high heel hook. Way to go Flan!

Flan's Happy Sending Face
Rylan getting close on Tactical Error

Flan and I played with the camera while the boys climbed in the dark
On Friday Herm and I made an attempt to hike into Evans at 5pm despite the obvious raining on us with lightning and thunder. About two minutes into our hike, mid-sentence, Herm goes, "whoa, whoa, whoa! Is my hair standing up?!" I instantly started running towards the car, my heart skipped 5 beats and the adrenaline surged. I thought I was seconds away from getting struck by lightning. Herm just stood there feeling his head. After a minute he determined he had walked through a spider web. I was too freaked out to continue hiking, and the wall of grey cloud filled with rain was quickly approaching, along with retreating climbers and hikers. We turned around and headed to Laying in Wait, a difficult slab down the road. It turned out to be a beautiful evening of falling off of a slab for a few hours. I got really good at jumping.
priceless dogface expression


sock hands said...

YESSSS FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

i laughed a bunch about the hair-raising -> mcB bolting.

truth: flan ez ze futur ov rok clmbg

kona urns for kaiser wrasslin.

Lynn said...

Happiest lookin' dog EVER!!!!