I fell off the face of the blogging planet due to the frenetic lifestyle I have been living...which unfortunately has not involved climbing, but studying, which resulted in graduating. Congrats to Sarah and Jackie for graduating as well!!!

I have been hanging out with Kona, taking romantic walks on the beach.

Andre was nice enough to let me test out my new lens on his exhausted-from-sending-so-much-at-Mt. Evans face. Good work young dre.

I had a little get together after my graduation with the fam and friends. It mostly included avoiding inhalation of the little cotton wood floaty things that dominated the air, running away from squirt guns that my 2 year old niece thought were the coolest thing in the world, and walking a slackline after beer and margarita consumption.
I guess I thought they were pretty cool too.
above three photos courtesy of the Jackie Hueftle collection
I have been working a little and hangin' with old man Ken. He took me sport climbing at the crystal wall in the Poudre...well I actually top roped and his badass lead everything. Scary stuff that rope climbing is.
Little Brit is our up and coming strong girl.

Good Luck in Jail Cam! We will miss you for those ten days!


sock hands said...


note: slacklining is more scary than any lead ever.


now: alpine season. convince ft. collins fools to meet up and climb w/ me. live this plan.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos dood- I especially enjoyed the ones of Andre and Kona (is there a resemblance between those two? Am I the only one who sees it?)

We should go climbing together sometime soon.

Jaeger, I am down for the Alpine sickness. Although last weekend evans almost destroyed me like the county does to dogs that bite people, so it's off my agenda for a bit. And chaos is still nothing but bits of rock under 5-15 feet of snow. So thats out too.

Redfeather? Carter? Clear Creek? Anyone?

Chris Craft

sock hands said...

evans saturday.
emerald sunday.
camp d monday.

monday and sunday are subject to vice-versa-ing.

sack up bishes... snow couldn't a been worse than when i was there w/ hayden and ander and two pads each. snow shoes would help you. we wished we had them and tomorrow, we will. join us and have fun.

otherwise, ski in from the top, straight to the dali wall.

word. if you come, you will be pleased at the session you experience with us. 9 out of 10 polled post-session-with-us fools agree that it is a life changing experience... both fun and enlightening as to the fact that you will never feel the need to own a dog, dogs, or a pack of dogs.

sock hands said...

ps: upon revisit w/o new media, i've had the opportunity to determine that the photos of faces are quite good due to the candid element.