Polar Bears can't swim forever . . .

There is a joke in the title. It really isn't worth getting into since the guilt associated with the explanation will make Kelly cry. Seems to be what I am good at lately. Self loathing - I love it.

Anyway, Brian and I are writing the blog this evening. Kelly's go night off. Brian's contribution is included below. Short but sweet. I've never blogged before. Seemed like something to do. A big risk on Kelly's part. If you want to know what's going on in my life - call me. Old school but effective. I'm old. Fitting.

Kelly gets the MVP for the day with her send of Center Direct V10. This is a stout problem with powerful moves on small holds. Some strong climbers even go so far as to call this V11. It was Kelly's fourth or fifth day on the line. Bad Ass. I am very proud of her. -Brian Camp

I too am proud (jealous) of Kelly and her ascent. Damn girl. A hard problem. The boulder and girls. I've got a million excuses why I haven't climbed it or much of anything for that matter lately. Anyway, I learned that Kelly has a knack for climbing the most difficult moves on boulder problems easily and struggling with the easy ones. This is a frustrating and backwards place to be. Kelly seems to exercise great skill and good luck no matter where we go. For instance, at the local casino a few nights ago, Kelly won 24 dollars with the house's money. Kelly has also won a few bets with Brian by climbing this problem. I can't go into the details of the bets if we plan on keeping the blog PG-13. Well, maybe a hint - the answer resides in Hustler.

This is a picture of me with a friend's French Bulldog. These are nice little animals that sound like they are snoring when they breath. I prefer big dogs like Rottweilers. The little guy pictured here is cute (yeah I said it), but not too valuable if a stranger broke into your house while you were sleeping. Since I like to pick things up to test my strength, this little dog seemed like a challenge. It wasn't very heavy. You can see by my smile that I was happy with my effort.

This picture of Brian and the few that follow of me are what frustration would look like if you took a photograph of it. Occasionally life deals you the shit end of the stick on, what feels like, a regular basis. The price of being a fool. If close counted, Brian and I would have climbed stacks of problems. Bitching and whining aside, I am frequently reminded of the value that can be found in the journey. Perhaps living mindfully would increase the intensity of the journey and reduces its length. Who knows. Maybe being less of a fool would make things better.

Blogging can be a bitch. Since I couldn't separate the next photograph from the last two, I'll explain it from above. Here you've got a picture of Brian after a long and very frustrating day. The eyes tell the story. Sometimes what you love can be painful.

The first of the last two photographs show our current home away from home, the Townhouse Motel. It's better than camping. There is nothing more to say.

The last photograph show the wonderful scenery that I am forced to look at everyday when I look to the sky seeking an explanation from a higher power about my recent failures and what is in store for me. After today, Brian would agree that even the beautiful scenery isn't enough to make you forget about the day and turn your thoughts forward to tomorrow.

So, that's it for me. Kelly will return tomorrow. I am sure that her blog will be more positive.

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AWESOME JOB, MC-B! nice post and great photos, as well.

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