I'm back! Brian and I arrived in Bishop a few days ago. What have we done so far? We have not bled yet, so building up skin is going slow but well. We have done a lot of warming up, hiking around, getting sore and taking it easy. My first tick was High Plains Drifter. What a good problem. Brian is working out the beta on Sharma Traverse and we both have a long list of projects circled in our book. My main goal is Soulslinger. Camping is cold, but our dog Kona is so psyched. Enjoy the photos.

Tschohl warming up on Grandma PeabodyWarming up on cool rock
Jackie giving badass air beta
Soulslinger... my project
Iron Man Traverse

Herm Sitting on a rock
Herm on Saigon from a great angle
Brian working on Sharma Traverse


Lynn said...

Ahhh! I can't wait to get there! The rock looks so fun!

Ryan Olson said...

Yea! Updates!

(But I already saw the pics on facebook =(.

climbingnarc said...

buttermilks!!! soulslinger!!! have fun out there...

sock hands said...

nice! congrats on high plains... definitely on my list of 'someday must do'.

good luck w/ soulslinger! nail that bitch and go do the checkerboard as some icing for the cake!

then, mandala FFA what?