minnesota weekend

i spent my weekend climbing and staying out late in minneapolis. on friday i climbed on the wall that lynn and chris built. it is 50 degrees and lives outside in their huge backyard, and when your shoes and tape go missing you get to chase their puppy petey around and try to get your belongings back from his bitey mouth. Pi "doesn't climb" but he sure kicks ass at sending everyone's problems in his socks.
on saturday we went up to taylor's falls and nic sent a boulder problem called left of lloyds that he was been working on for the past three seasons. neil berget took a video of the send. good job nic!photo taken by neil berget
on saturday night i had a night on the town for my birthday with my friend emmy. it was very fun staying up until 5am; however, it was not fun in the morning when i had plans to go back to taylor's falls to climb on the cave traverse. regardless of sleep deprivation i sent my rock climb and neil also caught this climb on video.Eric Johnson is soo close to sending the cave traverse...send it!

Mike Helke messing around on the Cave Traverse in reverse a few years ago

Alex Johnson sending the Cave Traverse last spring

i miss colorado rock very much, but minnesota climbing has a unique flavor of its own. i think it is the people. i am going to head back to colorado for the horsetooth hang and to spend every waking second that i can in the poudre on its sweet granite.


sock hands said...

because i already gave you props on neil's site after seeing brian's post, i cannot give you props here. that's double-dipping, mcB, and we cannot have that, can we?

just gonna have to deal.

sock hands said...

joo and da camper a-goin' to the horsey hang, mang?

Grant L said...

Kelly that was such a rad climb!

sock hands said...

update, clown!

sock hands said...

please updates?

climbingnarc said...

pretty please updates??

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