There have been requests for Scott Hahn stories because the world does not have enough Scott Hahn stories in it. We will save the story of the legend as well as the story about the midget for another time and place. Today will be the story of the Shoes in Trees Like Whoa. Now I don't have photo evidence of this occurrence so you will have to use your imagination.
Scott Hahn is a large man...mostly gentle, but then there are those rare moments of rage when Scott falls off of a boulder problem and his scream makes the birds fly out of trees and the mountain lions to run away in fright. Well in this particular moment of rage, Scott slipped off of a boulder due to his "vadge hands" (i won't reveal too much here, but this term is meant to describe hands that are sweaty, hot, and wet, and won't hold on to crimpers....which also goes along with his super hero named Cuntor which I won't go into detail about at all, because my Grandma wouldn't like it, but you can check out his 8a scorecard for his FA of a boulder problem named this name...and the superhero with this name has gloves to cover up his vadge hands in the nighttime with lights on the fingers) and the nearest thing that Cuntor...I mean Scott could find when he slipped off of this boulder were his shoes. Now, Scott threw his shoes and he threw them as far and hard as he could. Josh you won't like this next part. He then picked up his chalk pot and threw it with all of his chalk making a chalk cloud bomb in the air leaving all of us coughing and he beat his chalk pot against a rock...over... and over... and over.

Jason Pinto being the wonderful man that he is spent over a half hour trying to retrieve Scott's shoes (because Scott didn't have any shoes to look for his shoes with) and to no avail he could not find the shoes anywhere. An hour passed and we put our heads together and said...maybe they are up in the trees? Sure enough we looked up and around and within minutes Cuntor...I mean Scott had his shoes back!!! Yeah!!! Question for Scott....Can you have vadge feet?? Is that possible?

Without Scott Hahn around our fire at night in Joe's Valley...the trip would not have been the same....nor as dirty. Thank you Scott for letting me tell stories about you :)


chuffer said...

now, that was exactly what I waslokking for.

Scoot Hahn most definitely has vag ... errrr, I mean vadge hands.

Climbing Narcissist said...

Let me know when you are back in WI. I'm always down for a visit to Whiskey.