Joe's Valley

Brian and I spent the last week in Joe's Valley enjoying the sandstone, sun, and Scott Hahnism's. Brian made quick work of Resident Evil, Freak, Prophet in a Ditch, and the Hulk Sit...all V10. I did my first v10, Fingerhut and I am pretty excited about it. We all spent a lot of time climbing the Angler, v2, multiple times and each time it scared the crap out of me....funny because Brian did it like ten times.

The campfires proved to be interesting with classic Scott Hahn stories and good company. Pinto has been in Joe's for so long he is now the "legend" but so is Scott for other reasons. We took off two days early because of the heat and went to the Poudre to climb on some sweet granite/gneiss. Today Camp sent Divergence sit, v10, and I am working out the moves to Jousting at Windmills 9/10. Oh man climbing is soooo good.

Pinto getting high on the Angler
Me, terrified on the AnglerMel on the Angler

Melissa sending!Camper!
Melissa working out moves

Crazy Joe's Valley RockBrian working the moves on Worm Turns, V11

Camper on Big Joe, V7Scott Hahn being himselfMe trying the moves on They Call Him JordanScott Hahn working out moves on Beyond Life
Camper trying Scrawny and Brawny


chuffer said...

please tell Scott Hahn stories ... the world needs more of those.

Lynn said...

OMG V10! Shit Kelly, you're strong!! I'm such a weak little minnesotan:( we need to come out and visit you guys...Hey! Thanks for the CD! You can make Craft burn all the videos...I'll try to remember to send him out there with a spool of cd's to burn with...Later, Lynn