nic is sic

Yesterday Brian, Nic and I hiked up to Chaos Canyon to climb on rocks. Nic did Tommy's Arete quickly, while I continue to struggle on it with some sort of mental block. I am just scared that's all. I don't know where my balls went, but I need them back quick or I am never going to send anything. Nic threw himself at Gang Bang, V8, and then came down with a nice little case of altitude sickness. He was rubbing his forehead with his chalky hands so much that his forehead turned bright white, and he pretty much became the butt of all of our jokes...which is pretty uncommon....well not really. Brian worked on the Centaur, v12, and the Automator, V13. Nic flashed the Automator...oh wait that was a dream he had last night in his vicodin induced stupor because he landed flat on his back on a rock yesterday. Shortly after he landed on a pointy rock he got nauscious and stood next to the Centaur with his hands on his knees in a ready position, and we all yelled at him to get away from the boulder problems. We are a loving group of friends. We ventured over to Mikaila, V6, and listened to Jamie tell us some funny stories about bums. He let us know that he has been up to Chaos Canyon over 300 times. That's dedication.

It started to rain and we walked over to Bush Pilot, V11, and Brian worked out the moves while pulling on this killer crimp-nar we all stood around in the rain. I am on a 5 step program to learn how to incorporate sarcasm into my daily language diet.

Today Nic and I hiked all the way up to Chaos only to see a nice storm rolling in. We turned around and hiked right back down. What a good day. Nic and I had a good time singing and punching eachother today. We missed eachother.

Out to dinner we go. Fat Tire in my belly. Brian mowing the dirt.


Jeanne said...

Brian is losing weight. I can see his white butt line.

Danielle said...

Love the picture of the lawn, you might want to tell Brian he got it all!