It is so hot outside that I find myself sitting inside in the air conditioning doing nothing. My computer makes for a great companion. I just ordered some books off of amazon.

My alone time is about to come to an abrupt hault, because I finally got a job!!! Yeah!!! I start training on Monday. I will be working with 5 adult men with developmental disabilities. By the time I actually get into the training I will be starting school. At least I will be busy. I was comparing myself to Krissy's addict boys who excel under structure and I am the same way. I do far better with structure in my daily life then with none. I need to be kept busy.

My lack of blogging can be made up by reading Krissy's blog. Kris, Jess, and I took some time out of life to be with eachother. It is so important for all three of us to be together. Life is so fun with your best girlfriends. We went up to the park, we consumed mass quantities of food and alcohol, and we did what girls do best...we tried on engagement rings and went dancing. Well, when we went to the store to see the ring Jess picked out it wasn't there and she was almost in tears. She couldn't believe that someone else had bought it. However, the someone else that bought it was her boyfriend, and now fiance! Yes, you heard it here, Jess is engaged. Little independent no cell phone, no car, badass wildland firefighter Jess!

More later I have to brave the heat and run some errands.

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muzik316 said...

I just want you to be aware that I am rather jealous that you get to be outside where you are. On another note... don't complain abou tthe heat... it's not fair to those of us like your bro & I who live in Florida. It's 87 outside right now... at 12:38AM according to our local weather report. To Hot to Handle!!! ROFL