day 2

today is a rest day. oh wait we have nothing to rest for because we haven't climbed yet. we couldn't get into the park today because we don't have reservations. so instead i will fill myself with caffeinated drinks, food, and internet gossip.
Brian and i had our first night sleeping in the topper. it is much much much smaller than i thought it would be. then i woke up because i had to pee and i heard things howling outside in the wind and quickly decided against it. i get scared when i wake up to things howling, unless it's timber wolves for some odd reason. they sound beautiful.
hopefully tomorrow will be a beautiful climbing day. I have plans to crush the mushroom roof and a few other problems that i haven't seen yet.
thanks mom for the deluxe camping chair. my morning coffee enjoyed the cup holders and my feet were thankful for the killer foot rest.


Jeanne said...

You are so welcome for the chair. I hope you get to climb soon. "Your car got me homesafe and sound (Without headphones)" Jacki says. Tatum loved the back seat.

emily marie said...

hey sweetheart!! miss you already!! i am getting a new phone tomorrow so i will call you after nine!! yeah! i hope climbing goes well tomorrow!! say hi to brignar. xoxoxo