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In other news Alex has posted some interesting thoughts on her blog:

"The annual bouldering competition was fun as always. It was also unbearably hot, as the desert usually is in August, and the scantily clad girls were out in full force. I understand how dreadful the summer heat can be, but some of the outfits are beginning to cross the line. It’s out of respect for my fellow female competitors, and the respect that I hope they have for themselves, that I wish for the provocative attire to be taken down a notch. Yes, we all know sex sells, and that sadly it seems the less you wear, the more you’re photographed. But I believe trying to gain publicity using your body is pushing our sport in a negative direction and it’s sincerely disappointing. My desire is for women climbers to be notarized for their personalities, ethics, morals, professionalism, etc. Much further down the list lands climbing ability or accomplishments, and never should seeking attention for clothing, or lack thereof, come into play. Women are strong and powerful, and beauty can be portrayed in many ways. Over-sexuality doesn’t always have to be one of them. Come on, girls, leave something for the imagination."

This drawing that I made is not intended to portray anyone in particular it is simply a figment of my imagination...

Since we are focusing on the awesomeness of skin and nudity I have some great shots of hanging out in RMNP. The girls of CORE graced us with their presence and we compared cores. I like to wear gramma pants so I am pretty sure this means that I win. Hands down.

This person's core does not win because there are no gramma pants. fail girl core person.

These girls are tough. (Flann.. I took it upon myself to dye your hair pink-ish. You can thank me later)

Even though there are like 2 million ascents of Unshackled, it doesn't matter. The only thing in the world that matters is that Steph is trying to beat me. Yep you heard it here. Girl fight. Steph and I have the same projects and let me tell you how we despise each other. We text each other all the time and say, "Hey are you going to climb on Unshackled today?" The question we are really asking is....can I get up there before she can to beat her to the send?  It is really dramatic and pretty much an all out war. 

Steph trains and stuff...
I should have pushed her in when I had the chance.....just kidding Steph!!!

Flann trains by jumping in freezing lakes. 

Jamie found this shallow whale and Flann became friends with him. Just like old bath time friends except in absolutely freezing cold water.

I asked her what color she wanted her skirt to be and she said "warm"
this is the color of warm...

The other night we hung out and stuff and swam and then played dress up in classic girl style.

Jeff and I went up to Mount Evans last night to watch the meteor shower and Jeff took this fantastic photo of the moon. I think we saw about 200 shooting stars. It was awesome and freezing cold. I ended up passing out in my big down sleeping bag around midnight. 

Dog chewing frisbee as the sun was setting ... the colors look edited but they are not. Of course Jeff shot this one.

Random photo of Sandy at Erin's bachelorette party that I co-hosted this past weekend. She really liked the penis ice cubes.

Erin and her sister Lauren



Obviousjesus said...

Kelly, I do not think that this is too risque for the internet. At all. In fact, it is the most modest thing I have ever seen on the internet. Ever. Even on the internet. I like the pink color, and will do that next time I dye my hair, I would like to be notarized for it. I like your grandma pants. They are hot.

sock hands said...

jemerson smelled like fresh laundry or soap last night at tange-wolf-erine land. or it was that capps smelled so much like fresh laundry, that the scent lingered in place long enough for jemerson to step into that place of scent.

and yes, i am serious.

next: your hellion elk spirit animal looks a bit scrappier and probably has a good chance... however, the deft bow skills of the centaur (woman?) will probably still mean that you will get shot. like some wild animals, this means you have about 10 minutes go properly gore your assailant before your heart will leak out of your body and you will die.

end result is that it is likely to be the end of both of you so i want to put dibbs in on your crashpad and maybe a puffy jacket.

finally: that whale has earbuds. that's incredible. like darwin's findings at the isolated galepagos (sp), the isolated lake hiahahahahyaha produces earbud whales.

hopefully the sea shepards get there first.

finally: when jeff handed moxie down to me on death slab, she rained pee on me. subsequently, kona was handed down to me, which means she probably has moxie pee on her.

you do not need to send a thank you note. a sixpack would be thanks enough.