Photos from Italy and Switzerland

Here are some photos from my travels in September.
After Arco we went to Venice for a day. We boated around and saw the sights.
We wondered how stuff doesn't sink...
We sat on marble lions..Alex played with pigeonsIt seems really pretty and fun, but this is how I really felt about Venice
In Switzerland we went on top of a mountain to ride the coaster bobs/alpine slides
this is how we got to the top of the mountain
I sat on an elephant
universal language for evil child to not throw rocks
We posed by a castle in Bellinzona..
we slept at the castle...
and we saw castle stuff.
We panted up a curvy tower to see the view of Bellinzona
and turned our heads and saw more Bellinzona.
Back in Italy, just south of Arco we lounged around by Lake Garda for a day
and enjoyed the scenery
and made streetlights look like stars after a wine and gnocchi dinner
and took some silly photos...
and jumped off things
and went swimming..we watched fantastically entertaining speed climbing
on our sad drive out we stopped and looked above Arco
and pointed at things.. such as..

the castle above the climbing wall where the rockmaster was held that we always talked about hiking up to but never actually did.

next up... squamish photos when I get around to it


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