beautiful day at the poudre

Herman and I drove up the Poudre Canyon on Sunday afternoon for a little bouldering in the warm, fall colored forest.

Herman took a seat under canopener on a curious notion from Brian that the start is WAY harder than it used to be. It ends up that Brian is right. It must be V12 now...or after I tried, I thought V20. I couldn't even pull my butt off the ground. The nice part is the rock is now solid and is done breaking. Below you can see the new start holds. The tab is super solid which was where your heal ended up sliding too with the former start. You can still get your heal on it but it is a few inches further away than I would like to ride it through the whole problem. Herman tried a few variations of starting and came up with some good ideas. He never did end up sticking the first move, but came really close a few times.

Perhaps this is the new start beta?

Or this? This method seemed to work the best for Herm. He put his heel way out right and used it to pull him up and into the the hand hold. He was so close. I am a bit shorter and this method seemed crazy to me, but perhaps with long legs you can get the leverage you need to pull your ass off the ground.

Hmmm.. I hiked back to Jousting at Windmills to find Amy and Flan. The trees were gorgeous.
This photo is like Where's Waldo...except it is Where's Kona? She seems to sneak her little body into all of my photos somehow.
This is Flan modeling for the camera. She just loves having her photo taken.

Then Amy was like, "Oh Flan I love you so much, you are so beautiful! You are so strong because you train with engine blocks!" Then I took a picture of Amy's ass accidentally. Sorry Amy.
Flan crushing
Amy working out the bruising knee bar move on Against Humanity... the best V7 in Colorado.

Counting down 9 days until Yosemite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sock hands said...

hilarious post! word to the ass!


editorial note:

i originally had a " , bish!", since you called me a biotch on email, but i then edited this out to first check with the judges on appropriatness of this post-comma inclusion, as well as " , foolfaced bish!"; " , bishface!"; and/or " , bishfaced clown!"

after a thurough review of my application for these post-comma friendly jabs within the context of the fairer sex, i shall begin to sling them like turds in my backyard.

sock hands said...

ps: i vote that canopener now starts from the two low pinches and goes at v8 or whatever. v12 effort so low to the dirt is only fun, and thus valid, for v16 climbers.

in 2008, i vote NO on difficulty that is lame !