The Tempest!

Woo Hoo! I finally did the Tempest. After random attempts for two years, I finally put it together. It was cold temps, typical Vedauwoo windy and it actually snowed on us for a better part of the day. Misha and Kevin joined me on my Vedauwoo adventure. Misha made a lot of progress falling off of the end more than once, and Kevin sent in his normal style, quickly. Enjoy the photos.


sock hands said...

nice mcB!

word to the shared hat!

Angie said...

sick! glad to see that you sent this one...i remember the day we tried it together...you had those really warm gloves that inspired me to get a pair of my own :) keep crushing!!!!!

sock hands said...

i needs your sneaky top out beta for veritas!

sock hands said...

word mcB, thanks for the beta. i was crazy disappointed it was so snowy the weekend prior when we went up there, but i'll be psyched to try again now that it's dry.

where you kids climbing this coming weekend?

did you all try to go higher into the park? i'm curious if the kind boulder and/or lonestar are drying out as well.