Sunspot and Wildcat

I went up to Upper Chaos Canyon on Saturday and Sunday. I am starting to work through the moves on Sunspot. I climbed on it with Melissa Strong who showed me her skills on the dyno at the end of Sunspot. It took me about 5 tries of pulling on looking up at the hold and then saying I'm scared, and jumping off the problem. All the while Brian was spotting me saying.. Just try this time...and as soon as I tried I did it!..kind of ...I was so surprised that my hand was wrapped around the jug and my feet were swinging back that I let go with excitement because I had not planned on what would come after I stuck it. So I am glad at my progress, and plan on going back up on Wednesday to work on it some more.
After Sunspot we hiked up to the most popular boulder in the park..the Jade boulder. I watched Brian and Jamie get very close to sending Wildcat. It was the end of the day, and still a bit warm. On one attempt Brian's hand greased off a hold and he took a very nice fall onto his back.

We had a nice hike down in the dark.


Jamie Emerson said...

kelly what is your email? write me at strateouttacompton@hotmail.com. i have a question.

sock hands said...

nice updates! welcome back!

crush that rig...sunspot...

another line that you'll pee on and i will never be capable of.

have someone shoot video or i will beat their dome with a branch.