the weekend

On Saturday morning Brian, Dave and I drove up the Poudre Canyon and went the 420 boulders. I warmed up and we headed over to my project Jousting at Windmills. I did all the moves once again and made a little bit of progress. I shouldn't have gone to the Talib Kweli show the night before. I had too much fun. Then we made the chilly trek across the river to the Bog area. Brian went to Castaway and my Wisconsin friends, Marty and Nick went with me to Simple, an awesome V7. We all sent it and finished off the day with some of Marty's homemade wine.

Brian sending Shoeless Tripping in the Poudre.
Simple, V7
Marty on Simple
On Sunday morning, Dave, Brian, Chris, and I all piled into my car and we headed up the Big Thompson Canyon to the Park. We hiked in almost up to Dream Lake just for the view, and then headed to Lumpy Ridge for Left Angry Man and Sap. Chris sent Left Angry Man, V7 with a quickness. Brian fell off the very last move of Sap, he will do it next time. The mountains with the snow on them were awesome.
The Camp Family last fall

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