heinous snow equals climbing on plastic...lots

Josh and Liz hard at work selling AWESOME ORGANIC good stuff!!!
Rook it's Rolson!Anna and Megan are the bestest dressed rock stars!
Paul rockin' some hard open problemI caught a moment between Curly Locks and Megan
Andi Rose sending bigRook it's Rolson againDallas and Cameron like PBRMy one and only Jessi came to visit me this weekend...i love her.


Jeanne said...

Thanks for posting. It looks like a fun weekend.

sock hands said...

helkes foetow:

who likes being threatened with the back-hand spousal bitch slap to the midsection?

"THIS GUY!!!!!!!1111111111111"

this post has been certified 'no boo' by the intardweb posting/stalking counsel


sock hands said...

and by 'post', i meant yours, of course.

sock hands said...


Jamie Emerson said...

olson eyes look a litte "wacky"

HetchHetchy said...

and of course, where were you two, starbucks!